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Oakland Systems is the organizational intelligence that has developed MEDNET - an Enterprise Resource Planning solution for Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers, Pharmacies and Healthcare Institutions. With its inception in year 2010, Oakland Systems have grown leaps and bounds with its progressive, innovative and positive approach towards redefining the healthcare sector around the globe, from a single room office and two programmers in 2010. We strive to put ourselves on the global map of Health care and at the same time make difference to the human kind by providing accurate, decisive and effortless solution to doctors, institutions and organizations.
Let's take a look at Small Business Longevity
Company Registered
Nagpur Office
Clinical module
2 Clinics Piloted
5 Installations
Core Group Established
10 Million+ Patients Regd.
10000+ users
RIS Launched
800 Bed Hospital
Delhi Office Started
Govt. Installations
Mumbai Office Started
Mobile App Launched
Portal Launched
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Long Term vision into Healthcare
Quality Support
100 % Focus on MEDNET
Created by Domain Experts
Unlock the Analytics Potential
Fantastic User Experience(UX)
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  • We believe it’s our social responsibility to give back a bit to the society. We care & give back because we understand the pain of not having.
  • We spend time with orphan kids, teaching them science, maths, moral values.
  • We do visit elderly homes and help them in daily chores.
  • We participate in blood donation.
  • Our biggest objective is to improve health care system by use of smart technology.
  • Omkar Nakade

  • Siddharth Nakade

  • Amit Jain

  • Nitin Gupta

  • Siddharth Sanyal

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    Vision: MEDNET strives to make an ecosystem of data accessible to make room for smart and predictive analysis towards creating a healthier tomorrow.
    Mission: We exist to create a global platform for everyone to share and create processes for obtaining a scalable, credible virtual medical network.
    Values: Self belief, Aggressive learning, Ownership/ Responsibility, Team work.